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Ebony Tara Scurry

The Career Architect™ SPHR, GCDF-I

I’m so grateful you’ve finally found

Was it the intriguing titles of my speaking topics that led you here? Maybe you were looking for high quality advanced training that would increase your competence instead of just reiterating (like most of the training you’ve already attended) what you already know. Alternatively, were you simply looking for convenient continuing education to maintain your hard-earned professional certification?

Maybe none of those fit: Do you need a better job, better resume, and a better life? Maybe you’ve been to a dozen career coach websites already and you finally came to the smart conclusion that you’d rather spend your hard earned money for results and solutions, and not take a gamble by paying an hourly rate or generic package fee to a coach just for their time – regardless of whether you get your desired results or not. I don’t have time or money to waste, do you? If you don’t, then you’ll enjoy working with me.

Whatever your reason for winding up at Eidolon Career Solutions, I’m glad you did.

Deep down, I’ve always been a teacher at heart. After years of peeling back the layers, I’ve come to deeply understand and then accept the natural gifts that I’ve been blessed with. My passion is learning and my purpose is to teach.

I’ve been put on this earth to help others. I help them get out of the hole they found themselves in so they can live the satisfying life they were meant to have. I help mentor other professionals through my training so they can serve the most challenging and vulnerable job seekers with confidence and results that can last generations.

I appreciate your trust and faith in me to help you get what you’re looking for.

If you’d like to invite me to speak at your event feel free to view my Speaker Sheet, otherwise go ahead and view our Services that best fits your needs today.

"A truly powerful Career Coach is right up there with Nurses and Doctors when it comes to their ability to deeply impact those they work with in powerful, positive, and long-lasting ways."

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Career Practitioner or Workforce Professional

Human Resources Professional

Individual Seeking Career Services

Ebony Tara Scurry

The Career Architect™ SPHR, GCDF-I

I’m so grateful you’ve finally found me.

Ebony Tara Scurry, The Career Architect™ is a career facilitator expert, and mentor and educator to career practitioners and human resource professionals who serve the most challenging and vulnerable job seekers. She is known as a powerful resource for continuing education in career development and inclusive workforce solutions. The Washington City Paper praised Ebony for emerging “as an expert in the job woes of the darker set” for her work with frequently marginalized eccentric individuals.

Ebony’s experience is grounded in extensive training and education in sociology, strategic human resources, and organizational leadership and effectiveness. A passionate teacher with over 14 years of federal, corporate, and entrepreneurial experience, she has taught both college and graduate level courses in human resources, business, sociology, and career management. At one college, she was awarded as one of the top 10 out of 49 full and part-time faculty to receive the highest Faculty Evaluation scores by students; a 5.98/6.0 for her Business Ethics course.

Ebony’s hands-on experience applying a sociological perspective to her work with diverse job seekers and the professionals who serve them provide a unique and result-oriented framework. Her continuing education participants experience clear, tangible, and immediate value for a motivational and lasting impact.

When working with individual career coaching clients, she primarily serves vulnerable, eccentric and unconventional populations (such as Goths, Geeks, and Freaks, and Immigrants without legal work authorization). She has a passion for working with survivors of human trafficking and others shifting from the black market-shadow economy into the legitimate workforce. Ebony is an unapologetic advocate for the business case for including often-marginalized groups into every organization’s diversity strategy.

A celebrated motivational and career speaker, she has delivered presentations and keynotes at conventions, conferences, agencies, and schools such as Otakon, AnimeUSA, Katsucon, Maryland Career Development Association Conference, Capital College, Westwood College, Sweet Briar College, the United States Government Publishing Office, The Maryland Workforce Association's Raising the Bar Conference, and the National Career Development Association’s Global Career Development Conference.

Ebony earned a M.S. in Organization Development & Strategic Human Resources from Johns Hopkins University’s Carey Business School. She graduated in three years with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Law & Society from Sweet Briar College.

Ebony is an author, Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and Certified Global Career Development Facilitator Instructor (GCDF-I).

Ebony is a member of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), the Maryland Career Development Association (MCDA), the National Career Development Association (NCDA), and the Association of Applied and Clinical Sociology (AACS).

An avid creative writer, reader and rock collector, Ebony Tara Scurry lives in Silver Spring, Maryland. She has two children (Amethyst and Onyx) and two cats (Xena and Gabriel) with her husband, John.

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I Am A...

Career Practitioner or Workforce Professional

Human Resources Professional

Individual Seeking Career Services

Career Practitioner / Workforce Professional

I’ve been helping people reach and exceed their career and life goals for a long time. Although I enjoyed it, it got dull. When I applied my tried and true formula, it worked like a charm and my clients were thrilled. I on the other hand, got bored.

After deep introspection and self-coaching, it didn’t take me long to figure out that the clients who I enjoyed working with the most, were also the most unique, challenging, and exciting.

They were Goths, Geeks, and Freaks. They were Immigrants hungry for work and without legal work authorization. They were Career Criminals, illegally employed in the black market-shadow economy who needed help going legit. I shifted my career coaching business to primarily serve these groups. I LOVED it.

I can’t tell you how fulfilling that was…Being a positive part of someone’s journey from nearly hopeless to being successful by their own standards is awesome, to say the least. As a Career Practitioner yourself, you "know" exactly the feeling I’m talking about. It’s why we love doing what we do. Other professions out there say they “help people” and they do. I have to say that I feel without a doubt that a truly powerful career coach is right up there with Nurses and Doctors when it comes to their ability to deeply impact those they work with in powerful, positive, and long-lasting ways. A Career Services Provider who knows their stuff is priceless and life-changing. You heard me? Priceless and Life-changing.

There are so many…TOO many people out there that want nothing more than a serious life change. People who are suffering unnecessarily. People who want to be better, live better, and feel better, but they’re helpless and lost in how to make those things happen. You’ve surely experienced it as I have: that moment when a client breaks down completely and then like the sun breaking through after a hurricane - breaks out of the old and into a confident new awareness. One so powerful they never go back to that dark place again. They’ll do anything but go backwards. That moment is a shaking of the head and a sigh. For many its tears. For others, it’s when they have to step out of your office to collect themselves, because they finally, finally found themselves.

Let me be clear: I’m not talking to new career coaches right now. I’m talking directly to those of you who’ve been at this for a long while and you’ve seen what I’ve seen and experienced with a client what I’ve experienced: some of their deepest fears and with others felt their joys and dreams as you helped them come true.

Don’t let anyone tell you that what you do doesn’t matter. Whether you work in a private practice or for an organization, you impact people’s lives. The more you know your stuff (continually educate yourself), the more effective and powerful you will be in deeply affecting those you serve.

I know for a fact that one reason I was put on this earth was to help people stop their unnecessary suffering and enjoy the life they were meant to have. Too many people are in situations that are below not only what they’re capable of, but completely contrary to what their purpose on earth is. It’s too hard to be truly happy if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing with your life. It’s very difficult to be happy when you’re too worried about the basics such as putting food on the table and keeping a roof over your head. You know this already: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

I love working with you, my fellow Career Practitioners! It’s like preaching to the choir. I use to think twice about telling people outside of our Industry about how I feel we’re right up there with Nurses and Doctors. When I say this; I feel that they sometimes take offence or disagree with me. Both my parents are retired health care providers – I know the value and life-changing impact they brought first hand.

Others can disagree with me all they want; I don’t care. You and I both know how true it is, that (and I’ll say it again) a truly powerful Career Coach is right up there with Nurses and Doctors when it comes to their ability to deeply impact those they work with in powerful, positive, and long-lasting ways. If you don’t think it’s true – I don’t think helping people with their career issues is the right career for you. I don’t think Career Practitioners should take their potential impact lightly.

People put their trust, hope, and their money with us. Don’t let them down. It’s a huge undertaking and responsibility. Get out and find something else to do if you’ve become a career coach half-heartedly or because you thought it was something easy you could do from home or part-time or whatever. I’m not into teaching “Whatever” career coaches. I love teaching “Wow” and “Wonderful” career coaches.

I like to work with Career Coaches who take their work seriously. If you don’t, you probably won’t like working with me either. It’s good to know that sooner rather than later – there are many other classes and training that may be a better fit for a Career Coach that’s not really super-serious, probably less expensive too. So please go find them; if you’re not 100% passionate about helping others with their career goals and take your role seriously and with much respect.

I really prefer to have only the most committed career professionals in my classes. I don’t have time or money to waste and probably neither do you. If you just happen to be the type to have some money to throw around anyway, do us both a favor and still just keep it to yourself. By the way - please imagine that I just said that in the nicest way possible. I’m being 100% honest and clear with you because I want you to make a honest and clear decision yourself on whether to register for my services or not.

My classes are not for everyone. One thing that makes my classes such unique and awesome experiences isn’t even me, it’s my students. All my participants are all on the same page when it comes to their commitment level to the field and their desire for high quality and advanced continuing education. Registration for my online classes are open to everyone, but registration for my open-enrollment in-person trainings are screened to ensure that each participant is a good fit for the class and the class level.

We’ve established that I believe a truly powerful Career Coach is Priceless and Life-changing in their ability to deeply impact those they work with in powerful, positive, and long-lasting ways. If you agree then hang in there with me; we’re onto something special!

We know Career Coaches are priceless and life-changing because we’ve seen it first-hand. A clients career troubles can be so painful they contemplate killing themselves. And yes – some of us are also licensed counselors or therapist and others of us are not. All that is fine and well. And a Career professional who’s confident and trained – and will not only refer the person out for their suicidal thoughts if need be, but they will keep working with them on the career issues in which they’re qualified for. They won’t just refer them out and say, “Come back to me once you stop talking about killing yourself.” No. We still work with them in addition to the referral because any amount of medicine or counseling prescribed isn’t going to solve all of the issues ruining our clients life. Providing career services in conjunction with any other therapy or help our clients need is a holistic solution.

Some of our clients may have already checked out mentally and cannot sleep at night, which contributes to financial problems that trigger divorce or other relationship losses. The relationship loss can even be with themselves; without a job for such a long period, they might even feel like they don’t have an identity anymore. On the positive side, we’ve also seen where – a job can be so deeply fulfilling that it’s simply, by definition not even a job anymore. That person has found their calling and is truly living their purpose and enjoying their time on earth. The sweet spot does exist. When we help our clients find it, they also find amazing fulfillment and satisfaction. They’re happy! Finally. Some of our clients cry again at this stage because its just been so long; they almost forgot what it even felt like. And its sad and beautiful all at the same time.

When their work is right, they feel great. When they feel great, they’re positive and optimistic. We’ve seen how that powerful, positive energy seems to eventually shine bright on pretty much all of the other areas of their life soon thereafter. We’ve done a good job. We’ve served our client and those who love our client, very well. You weren’t the only one rooting for them to win.

Now, I’ve been providing career services since 2005. I’ve seen and experienced all of these things during that time. As I continued to master my craft, I spoke at numerous conferences. I was invited to events where I could share with other professionals like you - what I learned. I wanted to teach my tips for helping the diverse populations that I had deeply connected with.

During this time, a realization came to me like a ton of bricks: there was a HUGE knowledge and experience gap that everyone from career facilitators, workforce development professionals, and human resource professionals had when it came to diverse populations. That’s why I’ve created the below training for you.

I want you to have the advanced training you need to have the confidence to serve the most complex career related situations your clients may face. You are Priceless. You Change Lives for the better. Be ready for challenge by signing up for the advance training that will help you deeply impact those you work with in powerful, positive, and long-lasting ways.

Right now, the majority of my work is training Career Service Providers like yourself as well as Workforce and HR Professionals. I still enjoy serving individuals, but there are WAY too many people out there who need powerful, honorable, and trustworthy career service professionals who take their work seriously. I thought I couldn’t serve them all, but I was wrong. By giving you the skills and knowledge I’ve learned, through you I can help more people stop their unnecessary suffering and enjoy the life they were meant to have. I want to see you learn and succeed in your continuing goals. We’re in this together. Let’s go!

I currently offer a variety of Career Practitioner specific diverse populations trainings:

Intermediate & Advanced Diverse Populations: Full Day Training (6 clock hours)
Intermediate I: GLBT Identities and Communities for Career Service ProvidersIntermediate III: The Good, The Bad, and The Pregnant: Mastering the Art of Supporting Expectant ClientsAdvanced I: Marijuana, Prostitution, and other Sometimes Legal ProfessionsAdvanced II: Waking Up From The American Dream: Career Development for Immigrants & Job Seekers Without Work AuthorizationAdvanced III: Career Development for Criminals: Helping Clients Escape the Black Market-Shadow Economy and Secure Legitimate Employment

Diverse Populations & Helping Skills: 1-Hour Seminars
Applying Transgender Awareness to the World of WorkGoths, Geeks, & Freaks, Oh My!: Helping Alternative Lifestyle ClientsInnovative Corporate Social Responsibility: HR’s Quick Start Guide to Combating Human Trafficking & Youth/Young Adult HomelessnessWhen Our Best Isn’t Enough: Meeting Clients’ Needs In A Struggling EconomyCreative Helping Skills: Connecting the Dots Between Personal Finances, Confidence, and Career SuccessLegal Pitfalls & Loopholes: Hiring Undocumented Immigrants & Non-English Speakers
* 1-hour/1 clock hour: Online self-paced versions of these courses are available here: eidolon-career-solutions-online-courses.teachable.com

Open Enrollment For Individuals
Email me at EidolonCS1@gmail.com and let me know which class you’d like to register for. You’ll be the first to know about the upcoming open-enrollment class schedule. Occasionally when I do group training, they’re happy to include folks from outside of their organization to participate in the training as well; so I’ll also let you know about those opportunities too.

Group Training at Your Location
Once you decided which topic works for you, email me at EidolonCS1@gmail.com to request my Speaking (for 1-hour seminars and keynotes) or Training Requisition Form (for full day and longer trainings). This way I can better understand your needs, provide a more tailored experience for your group, and get you on my calendar.

My career development specific training relates to the Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) Credential and the Certified Workforce Development Professional (CWDP) credential competencies areas.

I also host the following Non-CEU classes for Career Practitioners
Private Practice Acceleration: The Ultimate Mastermind Experience (2 Days, $859 per person)
For Those Who’ve Already Made the Leap (Part-time or Full-time, not for those still thinking about it, but who are doing it)

Some topics include but aren’t limited to: Delegating, Location, Long-term goals, Refining Niche, Refining Pricing, Service methodology, Advanced Marketing, Automating Social Media, Securing referrals, Overcoming your biggest obstacles, creating multiple streams of income and going beyond getting more clients to getting better clients.

Walk out with an Action plan for next steps and new ideas and strategies to earn a living doing what you love
Examining Common areas of practice development that we get stuck on; most common mistakes in practice-building
Business Building, Private Practice, and Leadership: Leadership Ethics: Personal Self-Care for Business Success – 1 hour Cultivating Strategic Relationships: Business Building and Networking for Small Businesses & Private Practice – 1 hourYour Career is Your Business: Business Strategies for Personal Results (Business Building Fundamentals for New or Aspiring Solopreneurs) – 1 hour

Human Resources Professional

Not everyone knows that I made a commitment to the Human Resources field before I became a Career Coach. I joined the Society for Human Resource Management as a college student back in 2002. I remember walking all the way down to the Human Resources Office because I needed the HR Director to sign off on my paperwork for membership. It was a great feeling…being confident in my chosen career path. My degree was in Sociology and I wanted to do something with it, not just theorize all day and twiddle my thumbs (at the time I hadn’t discovered Applied and Clinical Sociology yet, but I would later on).

I took some career assessments and did my own research. This included participating in internships within the HR field at VistaCare Hospice in Atlanta, Georgia and a legal internship at a D.C. Law Firm focusing on Employment Law. I even created my own HR internship at Providence Hospital in D.C. because I wanted to intern there, but they had no internship program I could apply to at the time. I enjoyed all of my learning experiences, but human resources really fit me like a glove. To this day, I still honor my interest and fascination with Law and Legal Issues. I minored in Law & Society and am fascinated, not annoyed when laws and the legal landscape shift and impact the world of work and other Human Resource Professionals, like myself.

For graduate studies, I considered Law School as a way to work in Human Resources – I learned that many HR folks actually had Juris Doctor Degrees not practicing law, but working in Human Resources! How cool was that? Then unexpectedly, when searching for schools near home I found a unique graduate program at Johns Hopkins University, different from all of the others I’d researched. It was a Masters of Science in Organization Development and Strategic Human Resources. It was a fantastic holistic curriculum of business, social science, and leadership courses that I couldn’t resist. Attending that program taught me how to be a change agent. It kick-started a deeper self-awareness and understanding of my own emotional intelligence. It made a huge impact on my life and professional competence. Though that program is no longer there in its previous form, I continue to be grateful for it today and passionate about human resources.

Shortly after graduating, I passed my HR Certification exam before I even had the experience to qualify for certification. Once my experience caught up with my knowledge, I was able to become truly become certified. Then, after a few years, I “moved up” and passed the Senior PHR exam. Since initially becoming certified, I’ve been on the lookout for engaging and useful continuing education. Sometimes I found what I was looking for and other times I felt tricked by hopeful titles that simply didn’t deliver. Chances are, as a certified professional you have been in my shoes. You’ve already visited websites from small or large organizations or even conferences that offer continuing education credits for Human Resource Professionals.

What you may have noticed is that many of the re-certification credit classes are pretty much the same with similar names, taught by different people. I have attended many of these classes myself. It’s often a regurgitation of the same elementary basics about diversity, sensitivity, and inclusion. If you have been to one class, you’ve pretty much been to them all. Even GLBT issues have become more commonly understood and taught.

There’s just no need to sit through yet another generic “generations in the workplace” or “diversity training”. You understand the value of those classes, but you’ve probably taken them multiple times already. Once you’ve mastered the basics, isn’t it time to move on?

To be clear: I don’t teach basic diversity training. There’s plenty of that out there already. Have you mastered the basics around Human Resources diversity topics? Are you ready to advance your skills with complex, unique populations? Great, I’m so glad we’ve found each other!

One of my goals is to train enough professionals to better serve the underserved and most vulnerable. There are plenty of other HR professionals out there who recruit and work in workplaces with less challenging populations. That’s great because they’re providing a great service. Nevertheless, that’s not my purpose, that’s theirs. At Eidolon Career Solutions, I’m filling the gap in Intermediate and Advanced Diverse Populations training that is severely needed in the HR profession. Leaders need the right tools for meaningful and long-lasting results when implementing their Diversity & Inclusion programs and initiatives. My training is all about innovative, forward-thinking strategies.

Are you ready to be a part of serving the underserved while helping your organization stand out from the crowd? You already have high cultural competence and experience working with an organization that’s committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce. Your company is deliberately creating a globally inclusive and culturally competent workforce. If you’re not playing catch-up with everyone else, you’re actually leading the way. Perfect! The next step is to make Eidolon Career Solutions training your partner in your D&I strategy.

I currently offer 3 HR Specific Diversity-Inclusion trainings that can be used for continuing education recertification:


Intermediate II:
HR Practitioners Guide to Employing Transgender Workers: Law, Policy, Recruitment, and Retention (1-Day/6 recertification/professional development credits) and Advanced II: HR’s Role in Battling Sex Trafficking: Policy, Recruitment, and Community Partnerships (1-Day/6 recertification/professional development credits) both cover the same content/competency areas:

PHR/SPHR Exam Content Outline Functional Area 01: Business Management & Strategy
05: Establish relationships/alliances with key individuals and outside organizations to assist in achieving the organizations strategic goals and objectives10: Reinforce the organizations core values and behavioral expectations through modeling, communication and coaching
PHR/SPHR Exam Content Outline Functional Area 02: Workforce Planning & Employment
85: Diversity concepts and applications13: Recruitment Sources & 14: Recruitment Strategies01: Ensure that workforce planning and employment activities are compliant with applicable federal laws and regulations
SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge
Workplace technical competency HR Expertise: Diversity & Inclusion, Corporate Social Responsibility, & U.S. Employment Law & Regulations


Advanced II:
Legal Pitfalls & Loopholes: Hiring Undocumented Immigrants & Non-English Speakers (1-hour/1 recertification/professional development credits): An online and self-paced version of this course is currently being developed; stay tuned!)

PHR/SPHR Exam Content Outline Functional Area 02: Workforce Planning & Employment
01 Ensure that workforce planning and employment activities are compliant with applicable federal laws and regulations.


Open Enrollment For Individuals
Email me at EidolonCS1@gmail.com and let me know which class you’d like to register for. You’ll be the first to know about the upcoming open-enrollment class schedule. Occasionally when I do group training, they’re happy to include folks from outside of their organization to participate in the training as well; so I’ll also let you know about those opportunities too.

Group Training at Your Location
Once you decided which topic works for you, email me at EidolonCS1@gmail.com to request my Speaking (for 1-hour seminars and keynotes) or Training Requisition Form (for full day and longer trainings). This way I can better understand your needs, provide a more tailored experience for your group, and get you on my calendar.

Individuals Seeking Career Services

An enjoyable career that pays well and excites you is priceless. For you, this may mean working for someone or working for yourself. Either way, I’m here to help!

I offer 5 ways you can work with me:


1. Invite me to your group / organization / club to present on one of my topics.

Click here for my Speaker Sheet


2. Single In-Person or Phone Career Coaching Session

Held at my Washington, D.C. office, an alternative convenient Silver Spring location, or by phone.

Cost: $150 (60 minutes) or save $17 and benefit from more time with a $200 (90 minutes). Includes up to 2 follow-up emails.

This is perfect if you’d like expert advice on your resume, job search strategy, or if you need help determining how to move forward with your goals. You’ll receive a high quality and meaningful career coaching session.

You can also choose to focus on job application materials, cover letters, interview and salary negotiation, networking training, career exploration, job search, and leveraging social media.

You’ll leave the session with specific next steps to take so you can continue to move forward in a direction that’s meaningful to you.

Prior to the session, you’ll be asked to complete an intake form so that we can make the most out of the 90 minutes.


3. 1:1 Email Coaching

One or more email replies per week.

Cost: $750 (30 days). Payment Plan Available: 3 payments of $260 over 3 months, total $780

Advantages of Email Coaching:
Perfect if you have specific questions around a particular issue, a focus area you want help with, or feedback on a document, application, or idea.

Affordable alternative to in-person coaching. Email when it is convenient; no need to schedule an appointment. For many, it’s easier to express their thoughts in writing. Sometimes its easier to be straightforward when writing versus talking. No need to travel, saves time and money. You’ll have a written record of your progress and my feedback that you can review over and over again. Benefit from having time to think over your answers; low pressure. There’s power in the written word.

PLEASE NOTE for Email & 1:1 Coaching:
All payments for clients living outside of the U.S.A. must be made in U.S. dollars by credit card, or with an international money order or bank draft paid out to an American bank. I accept checks, PayPal, and direct deposits.


4. All Inclusive In-Person Career Coaching & Employment Service

Held at my Washington, D.C. office, an alternative convenient Silver Spring location, and by phone.

Cost: $999 (30 days) Payment Plan Available: 3 payments of $345 over 3 months, total $1035

All Inclusive In-Person Career Coaching & Employment Service will include everything you need to move forward with your goals. It’s custom-tailored your needs and unique obstacles.

Based on your needs it could include but isn’t limited to assessments, obtaining reference letters, job application support and review, resume creation, interview and salary negotiation training, networking training, career exploration, job search hand-holding, targeted cover letters, leveraging LinkedIn and social media, application follow-up, and more.

This also includes goals that include entrepreneurship, federal employment, non-profit, private sector, or furthering your formal education and applying to schools/choosing programs of study.

If you are traveling from out of state or internationally, we can spend 1 full day (10am-5pm) together instead of weekly or bi-weekly face 2 face appointments to kick-start our work together. Afterwards we can include virtual coaching as needed.

Have you been turned down by career coaches because of some extraordinary circumstance that the coach was uncomfortable with or otherwise not willing to take on? Chances are, I can still help you. So reach out to me to see if we’re a good fit.

My All Inclusive In-Person Career Coaching & Employment Service is risk free.

With my over 16 years of experience, multiple professional certifications, numerous testimonials, and track record, I offer you a 100% money back guarantee that you will be satisfied with my services.


5. Free Resources

Choose from a multitude of free resources addressing the issues that impact you the most.

Click here for my Free Resources


Individual Seeking Career Services

A Goal Without A Plan is Just a Wish (my Eidolon Career Solutions Blog)

The purpose of this blog to help you make more money and have more freedom with a lifestyle that’s successful by your own standards. Here I share my tips on a broad range of topics such as Applying and Searching for Jobs, Business, Career Planning, Current Affairs, Employment Law, Entrepreneurship, Federal Jobs, Internships & Volunteering, Interviewing, LGBT, Networking, Resumes, References, Salary, Transgender in the Workplace and more

Careercraft TV Show

Learn from a mini YouTube series that I hosted, providing career management solutions. It revolved around my philosophy of challenging viewers not to be passive bystanders to their careers. The show also features a house band, Amethyst & Her Jewels who typically perform shortened covers of rock, metal and industrial music, which include playing children's musical instruments and squeak toys (very cute!). I had SO much fun working on this show. Other priorities took hold for a while, so I’m not actively working on new episodes at the moment. I’ll probably start recording new episodes at some point in the future. It enjoyed it too much not to eventually swing back and do it again at some point! Enjoy the show!

Work Coach Cafe

I’ve had the privilege of reviewing countless career related websites and resources. Work Coach Café is definitely one of my favorites. They have lots of advice that’s actually pretty great, plus it’s easy to navigate to find what you’re looking for. I appreciate their attitude and approach towards career management. It’s a helpful and credible place to get some of your most pressing career related questions answered.

O*Net Interest Profiler

The O*Net Interest Profiler easy to use self-assessment career exploration tool. Its great for helping you discover the type of work activities and occupations that you would find exciting. It helps you identify and learn more about broad interest areas most relevant to yourself. The results help explore the world of work. This page has direct links to the four forms of the interest profiler including a 60-question web-based version, a 30-question mobile-friendly version, a paper and pencil hand-scored version, and downloadable software. A Spanish Language version of the online assessment can be found at: http://www.miproximopaso.org/explore/ip

Guide to America's Federal Jobs: A Complete Directory of U.S. Government Career Opportunities (2009)

There are a lot of books out there that help people find and secure federal jobs. You don’t need all of those. This one book is the most comprehensive, accurate, and user-friendly that I’ve come across. It describes major federal agencies and what they do, lists typical jobs, provides information on required education and training, and includes information on internships and special programs. It was published in 2009, but that actually doesn’t matter. This book will still be a godsend for those looking for careers in the federal government. For federal job seekers, the only thing better than this book is having both this book and it’s 2011 companion, Find Your Federal Job Fit (also by Janet M. Ruck and Karol Taylor)

Human Resources Professional

HR Certification Institute®(HRCI®) , is the premier credentialing organization for the human resources profession. Unlike some other organizations that offer HR Certifications, HRCI is an independent organization that ensures each credential is earned, not given. For 40 years, HRCI has set the standard for HR mastery and excellence around the globe. HRCI is the only HR certification body that seeks and maintains third-party accreditation of each of its credentials through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and works with certifying bodies around the world. They also have a useful blog, resources for continuing education, and notable special events.
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Career Practitioner or Workforce Professional

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"We were looking for a presenter who could speak about the topic of managing transgender employees in the workplace. I received a recommendation from our chapter founder that she would be an excellent resource to tap into. Ebony helps her clients succeed in managing the obstacles and opportunities as far as living a dual life. She supports them in finding worthwhile employment in a very supportive atmosphere.

I appreciate how Ebony was able to connect the particular information that she referenced with the need for the employer to define ways to manage their people in a supportive manner. She adds a very diverse perspective on how to manage employees.

This type of diversity is desperately needed in every work environment regardless of race, gender, and orientation. I was very impressed with her approach. In short, Ebony is an engaging, well-versed and phenomenal speaker."

Rodney U. Bellamy, Vice President Programs & Professional Development
National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR)
Baltimore, MD

"Ebony — Thank you so much for taking the time to present at the MCDA 2010 Annual Conference. I really enjoyed both of your presentations. Some people were convinced to attend the conference, just from the titles of your sessions! The conference would not have been such a success without people like you. I look forward to working with you more in the future. Warmly, Amanda."

Amanda C. Baker, MS, NCC, Former President, Maryland Career Development Association

"I have spent two days with Ebony and I want to tell you what a gift it was.

What I see about Ebony is that she truly cares about her clients. She’s passionate about them. She has an open heart and wants to give it to them. This woman is able to give and she’s also able to receive. I think that’s the most valuable kind of business person because she’s going to be listening to you and what you have to say and then still be able to feed back to you what you need to grow your business.

I feel she could really build your career and structure it with a strong foundation so that it can take off to wherever you want it to be."

Shimona Tzukernik, Founder and Executive Director of the Omek Foundation, non-profit organization dedicated to in-depth transformational learning and living for Jewish women. www.myomek.org

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